Pet food with passion – and a clear conscience

As a pet food manufacturing company, we are aware of the responsibilities we hold towards fellow humans, animals, and the environment. Harming them or causing any kind of trouble to the living things is not our motive. Therefore, we have set ourselves the target to address the issue. Know what exactly it means for us and the milestones successfully achieved.

We proudly announce that the production of the pet food at Josera is now 100% climate neutral. This marks an amazing milestone for us and we are proud to announce that we are on the greener side when it comes to manufacturing pet food.

A key component of our strategy is a commitment to offsetting all the CO2 emissions that is caused by our products. As we are aware that many pet food companies only consider the climate effect of their production. We have decided to take a step further by factoring in the entire value of our products - from obtaining the raw commodities, to production and packaging, and right up to the delivery of the product. This focus makes us the International pioneer in the pet sector.

Our sustainability motto

We serve the motto to reduce the effect of greenhouse gasses created by our production processes. We are constantly guided by the motto to avoid, reduce, and offset. We made this promise to ourselves and a commitment to action, we have successfully achieved to make our production 100% climate neutral.

Avoid: We avoid CO2 emissions by finding solutions that are climate neutral by making new approaches or changing the old habits.

Reduce: It is not possible to completely eliminate the use of CO2 but we try to reduce it to as much as possible.

Offset: Any remaining CO2 that we are not able to avoid is offset through our climate and forest conservation projects in Tanzania.

Avoiding & reducing

Environmental and energy efficiency in focus

At our headquarters in Bavaria, Germany, we implement various measures to reduce our emissions. Our goal is to improve our environmental performance and lessen the climate impact of our products through sustainable practices. We continuously evaluate our processes and production procedures to ensure their efficiency. Our dedication to energy conservation and CO2 reduction has earned us frequent recognition. Since 2005, we have participated in the European Union's EMAS program, which audits our environmental performance.

A summary of our on-site measures

» Thank to our outstanding primary energy efficient power facilities helping us to generate electricity

» Product warehousing in high-bay storage facilities made from PEFC-certified wood from regional forestry

» Making use of environment-friendly movement of goods and short distances through transport

» Environmental- friendly air filtration

» Building projects based on natural materials ensuring sustainability

» Promoting sustainable commuting options for our employees


Our forest conservation project in Tanzania

Forests play a vital role in stabilizing the world's climate. To contribute to this cause, we have chosen to offset our CO2 emissions by supporting a forest conservation project in the Ntakata Mountains, Tanzania. You may wonder why we don't focus on forest conservation in Germany. The reason is straightforward: tropical forests have a faster growth rate compared to our native woodlands. As a result, tropical trees can absorb and store a significantly larger amount of CO2 over a specific period. Moreover, our forest conservation efforts in Africa also benefit the local community.

The Ntakata Mountains in Tanzania are known for their tropical rainforest and are considered one of the last remaining areas of untouched tropical forest. By partnering with Carbon Tanzania and actively involving our local employees, we are making a tangible impact on the well-being of people, animals, and the environment. Our efforts involve safeguarding a 216,000-hectare forest that is home to 119 different tree species. This project area supports approximately 17,000 residents, providing them with essential economic opportunities while also serving as a sanctuary for a diverse range of animal and plant species, including forest elephants and a significant population of wild chimpanzees.

A candid look:

Needless to say that our commitment has not brought an end to the overexploitation of the forests but this is how many trees we save per year. With the help of satellite monitoring, however, the state of deforestation is kept regular and is also compared with the rate of deforestation in other, non-protected areas. In this way, the project leaders keep track of the size of the successfully protected areas. As a result, 1,250,000 trees per year have already been saved from deforestation.

The pet food sector's first sustainability report

Josera has been at the forefront of implementing innovative practices in the pet food industry. In fact, we were the trailblazers in 2018 when we became the first pet food manufacturer to release a sustainability report following the globally recognized guidelines established by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). By doing so, we were able to provide a comprehensive understanding of our commitment to sustainability at Josera, while also positioning ourselves for long-term success.

The pet food sector's first sustainability report

Our sustainability has been recognised! German sustainability prize

With the support of FCF, we have made progress towards 7 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations. Our approach has been recognized and supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), resulting in a state subsidy.Through our entrepreneurial collaboration within the FCF program, we have been honored as one of the four finalists for the prestigious German Sustainability Prize 2020. This award is comparable to the Oscars in the film industry, and even a nomination signifies a remarkable achievement in the field of sustainability. To be nominated for the German Sustainability Prize, a company must not only have an exceptional sustainability project but also a well-founded sustainability strategy that encompasses the entire organization.

Most sustainable pet food producer according to the Pet Sustainability Coalition

We were honored to be named the most sustainable pet food producer of 20/21 by the American Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). This association promotes responsible practices in the global pet food industry, focusing on nature, animals, and people. Alongside other well-known brands in the pet food sector, we are proud members of PSC. All members were eligible for the award and underwent a thorough audit lasting several days. The results were outstanding, as our company, strategy, and products were recognized as exceptional. Not only did we receive a "best in class" rating, but we also ranked among the top 6 globally.

PSC functions as an organization that supports accredited companies in their journey towards sustainability. They facilitate ongoing third-party evaluations and verifications, allowing companies to identify opportunities for further sustainability improvements. This recognition serves as both a confirmation of our sustainable strategy and an incentive to continue our efforts. We are committed to staying on track and recognize that there is still much work to be done.

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